Today, in our fast-paced lives we rely on efficiency and accessibility to get to where we are going. Whether it’s our morning drive to the office or a mad dash to batting practice– State Road 32 connects people to places, and those places fuel our purpose each day. If we can’t get to where we’re going easily and safely, it impacts us.

Project Overview

The State Road 32 corridor between Westfield and Noblesville has seen rapid growth in development and traffic in recent years. With this increase in growth the incidence of congestion and traffic crashes has also increased. To address this, The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has initiated a project to improve this corridor, an important connector in Hamilton County.

The project is expected to begin east of the SR 32/East Street intersection in Westfield and end near the SR 32/Mensa Drive intersection in Noblesville, for a total distance of five miles.

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Keeping you informed and involved throughout this project is important. From this early phase and throughout the project, we will work to provide both the big picture and the brief updates you need to know at all times.

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Project Contacts

“It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to work with the local community and its stakeholders on projects that improve our quality of life.”

Jennifer Beck

Project Manager, INDOT

“This project will positively impact each and every person that relies on SR32 during their daily activities.  We’re honored to be a part of this project.”

Nick Batta

Design Project Manager, CMT